Radien Is Up For A (Uno) Challenge

The student of the month goes to Raiden!!! He is a 6th grader who started with us in December. Radien has remained on level since starting and is day 37 blue and is on track to celebrating day 50! Raiden is also our current UNO champ in the classroom, ready to take on anyone who dares to challenge him! He has a wonderful personality, always come to school ready to give 110% in all his work while showing his Wild Cat P.R.I.D.E (Prepared, Respectful, Independent, Disciplined, Empathetic)! Raiden has transitioned successfully into the High Road Classroom and has begun to [...]

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Jayden’s Contagious Sense Of Humor

Jayden has been on blue all school year. Jayden has many admirable qualities as to why we chose him. For example, he spends almost all day in his general education class, with the exception of only two hours in our High Road room. He participates in specials with his gen ed. class and decided to eat lunch with his class as well. Concerning grades, Jayden is doing great and it’s uncommon that his gen. ed. teachers have a negative comment about his progress. "He is kind to his friends and has a contagious sense of humor." - Ms. [...]

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Making Progress

Anthony M. has been in the High Road program for three years and has made amazing improvement since he began. He has consistently increased his time in the general education classroom which is our goal as a High Road team. Currently, Anthony simply checks in with High Road staff in the morning and spends the rest of his day in gen. ed. We are proud to present Anthony as our student success story and are confident that there will be many to follow in his footsteps. Visit our website to learn more about [...]

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