Staff of the Month: Moet

What impact has Moet had on colleagues and students over the past month? Moet is a calming guide in the crazy world of IEPs and 504s. She shares information with all stakeholders and is transparent in the needs of our kids. She always puts them first without second thought but, she supports parents and teachers in offering the best they have in return. Moet allows our teachers to teach and our students to learn. She is passionate about her role and takes pride in her work always giving above and beyond to make sure things are done [...]

Staff of the Month: Moet2022-01-18T00:31:13-05:00

Student of the Month: Denetrya

What has Ms. Stanley accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Ms Stanley has been an excellent example of PEAK Academy and this program. She completes all of her work on time. Redirects her peers with dignity and respect. Interact with staff by using appropriate language and behavior. What is something Ms. Stanley has accomplished so far this school year that they are proud of? Above average grades and presently working towards Student Government.

Student of the Month: Denetrya2022-01-18T00:31:13-05:00