Jessica Is Invaluable

Jessica is always willing to help whenever a staff member needs assistance. She is very flexible and will go wherever she is needed. She is always reminding students what they are working for and encouraging them to improve their behavior by offering breaks and helping them work through their behaviors. She has built a good relationship with all of her students and gained a good rapport with them. Mrs. Harley, the teacher in her classroom said, "Miss Jessica jumped right into our classroom immediately. She learned the level system and how to enter them in very quickly, which is so [...]

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Roman Achieves Gold

Roman has done a great job of becoming more social in his classroom. He is better able to verbally communicate with his peers and the staff in his room. He also has been complimenting his peers when they do a good job in the classroom. Roman works really hard through all of his academic work and the different class rotations. Roman has demonstrated role model behavior that others should aspire to be like. Roman will put his classmates and others' needs before his own. He was willing to offer up some of his Gold Lunch incentives to another student in [...]

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We’re So Proud of Scotty

Scotty has shown so much improvement in his ability to identify and write letters and numbers. He has come back from break ready to get back into school and has not had any setbacks since being on Christmas break, he has just continued to grow and learn. He has also become a good friend to peers in his classroom and much more social with other kids. Now that he is better able to recognize his letters, he is improving in his ability to write them and has a purpose to writing letters. Our staff is very proud of how much [...]

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Helping Friends

The students in the high school class have become good friends over this school year. It is heart warming to see students helping each other on assignments and generally enjoying working in class. Learn more about our school today.

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Valentine’s Day Escape Room

We decided as a school to try something different for Friday and have an escape room during the Valentines Day parties in the afternoon. Students were in the auditorium and had 30 minutes to work together as a class and solve various puzzles to figure out a code word. All of the classes were able to complete the activity and had a blast doing so! Learn more about our school today.

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PJ Pizza Party

The whole school had a movie day on Friday, but the Elementary Best class decided to switch things up a bit! They had everyone wear their pajamas and have a pizza party while they watched their movie in the classroom. The students in this classroom have shown such an improvement in being able to sit at a table and enjoy group activities together! Learn more about our school today.

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International Food Tasting

One day, during lunch, one of the students was curious about Mrs. Wittkofskes lunch and what she was having. So they class decided to have a food tasting and try different favorite foods from all over the world. They tasted sushi, peta chips with hummus, plantain chips, chocolate covered craisens, and chocolate almond milk. The students had a lot of fun trying new things even though they didn't like some of them. They did a great job staying attended to the activity and following directions. Learn more about our school today.

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Candle Making

The Upper Elementary classroom has been talking about life in history and how people use to live before we had electricity and the conveniences we have today. So today their class made candles to show just one thing that people use to have to do in order to have light! Learn more about our school today.

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Crystal’s Positive Attitude

Crystal is an RBT (Registered Behavior Tech) in our Elementary BEST classroom. She takes an active role in the planning, preparation, and interventions with the students in the classroom. She also assists with the daily operations of the school and manages the system paperwork protocols for the entire school. Crystal is very patient with the students in the elementary best classroom. She takes time to observe and learn all of her student's corks so she knows how to best work with each student individually. She shows the "Solid Object" attitude to the students to best handle their behaviors throughout [...]

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Class Pets

Introducing Chewy and Mikey! Chewy is the Lower Elementary Class Guinea Pig! She has been in the classroom since last school year and has gotten very comfortable with all of her students holding and playing with her! The kids take part in feeding her snacks throughout the day and get to have her in a play pin during recess at the end of the day. Mikey is the Upper Elementary Class Turtle! The students are given responsibilities to care for their class pet and interact with him throughout the day. Having class pets gives the students something to feel responsible [...]

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