Thanksgiving Feast for High Road School of Findlay

Students and Staff at the High Road School of Findlay were able to get together to celebrate a Thanksgiving Feast together as a school family before going on their Thanksgiving Break. Staff enjoyed prepping and cooking the food and the students enjoyed trying the different foods that were served. The High School students also participated in a pie eating contest at the end of the feast! Many memories were made! Learn more about our school today.

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Trick-or-Treat at High Road School of Findlay

High Road School of Findlay students celebrated Halloween by participating in a Trick-or-Treat event. Family volunteers decorated tables and passed out Halloween treats. Students practiced the skills of turn taking and communication. Our staff joined in on the fun by wearing costumes and creating classroom activities for students. Learn more about our school today.

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Working for Windows Weekly

High School student, Zach, earns CASE points for a special Friday incentive every week. Zach enjoys having the opportunity to update Windows programming on all computers. He chooses a special snack and has the opportunity to end his day with one of his favorite activities. High Road School of Findlay staff love having "IT Director" Zach help keep their computer systems up to date! Learn more about our school today.

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Fun with Elementary

Elementary students enjoy taking breaks from the classroom to participate in fun activities. A group of students added colorful drawings to the calm down space. Parker and Ms. Alyssa enjoyed a game of hide-and-seek. Wow, was Ms. Karrah surprised when she found them dressed up as a cow and pig! Learn more about our school today.

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Jessica Is Invaluable

Jessica is always willing to help whenever a staff member needs assistance. She is very flexible and will go wherever she is needed. She is always reminding students what they are working for and encouraging them to improve their behavior by offering breaks and helping them work through their behaviors. She has built a good relationship with all of her students and gained a good rapport with them. Mrs. Harley, the teacher in her classroom said, "Miss Jessica jumped right into our classroom immediately. She learned the level system and how to enter them in very quickly, which is so [...]

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Roman Achieves Gold

Roman has done a great job of becoming more social in his classroom. He is better able to verbally communicate with his peers and the staff in his room. He also has been complimenting his peers when they do a good job in the classroom. Roman works really hard through all of his academic work and the different class rotations. Roman has demonstrated role model behavior that others should aspire to be like. Roman will put his classmates and others' needs before his own. He was willing to offer up some of his Gold Lunch incentives to another student in [...]

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We’re So Proud of Scotty

Scotty has shown so much improvement in his ability to identify and write letters and numbers. He has come back from break ready to get back into school and has not had any setbacks since being on Christmas break, he has just continued to grow and learn. He has also become a good friend to peers in his classroom and much more social with other kids. Now that he is better able to recognize his letters, he is improving in his ability to write them and has a purpose to writing letters. Our staff is very proud of how much [...]

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Helping Friends

The students in the high school class have become good friends over this school year. It is heart warming to see students helping each other on assignments and generally enjoying working in class. Learn more about our school today.

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