We Are All Proud Of Octavius

Octavius has made great progress this year in regards to his ability to play functionally. When shown how to play correctly with a toy, he will immediately begin to play appropriately with that item. He is able to put together age appropriate puzzles and is beginning to attempt more difficult puzzles. He is communicating well by using pictures provided in the classroom and follows a visual schedule consistently well. His eye contact has been improving and much more so in the past month. Octavius has made a lot of progress this year as his second year in [...]

We Are All Proud Of Octavius2022-01-18T00:28:44-05:00

Peyton’s Improvements

Peyton was selected to be Student of the Month because he has shown a lot of improvement in his ability to handle uncomfortable social situations throughout his day. He has also shown more support towards his peers and checking on them throughout the day. He's now serving as a role model in the classroom for the other students. He enjoys helping the teachers in his room with daily tasks and is always volunteering to assist with classroom and peer needs. He's demonstrating accountability and is showing progress with appropriately speaking with staff members and peers. Peyton's teacher, Miss [...]

Peyton’s Improvements2022-01-18T00:28:49-05:00

Student of the Month: Daemion

What has Daemion accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? He is shown great growth in his verbal skills and being able to request needs and wants to his teachers and other staff. He has learned the months of the year and able to say them out loud. He has also shown improvement in being able to wait during transitions, which has been difficult in the past. Mrs. Pruit and Mrs. Garcia both work with him in the classroom and they have seen great progress in his overall attitude at school, being excited [...]

Student of the Month: Daemion2022-01-18T00:35:13-05:00