AJ was chosen as student of the month because of his extraordinary contagious smile and contagious positive attitude. AJ always lightens the mood and knows exactly how to get someone to laugh and turn their day around. AJ loves spending time with staff and his peers while in school listening to music, playing tag, taking walks, and giving fist bumps. AJ is doing an amazing job adjusting to the “new normal” while being in the building and has made amazing strides with his ability to communicate and follow directions. AJ radiates excitement everyday when he is in the school building and brings joy to all of those around him.

Anthony has successfully transitioned back to a combination of in-person and virtual learning since returning from winter break. Anthony always has a positive attitude and willingness to learn when he is in school. Anthony is always excited to see his fellow classmates and teachers online or in-person. Anthony is working hard to earn his school job in the afternoons where he helps take out the trash and tidy up the classrooms.

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