Mrs. Allyson was nominated by the directors of the High Road School of Cecil County as the “Golden Teacher” of the month. Since the start of the school year, Mrs. Allyson has collaborated with the marketing team to keep the school website updated with new and fun pieces such as the student of the month, the staff of the month, and other fun events that occur within the school building. In addition to the marketing team, Mrs. Allyson works hard to collaborate with all of the staff in the school so that all of their hard work and their student’s hard work is highlighted on the website! Mrs. Allyson is a veteran staff and mentor within the building and works closely with the other teachers to provide support, resources, and help wherever is needed. Mrs. Allyson’s class has been virtual, hybrid, and then back online again and Mrs. Allyson and her teaching staff have not missed a beat. In fact, Mrs. Allyson’s parents have even reached out to compliment the team on how well Zoom classes are going despite the many challenges that may occur while teaching with elementary schoolers! The positive attitude and sense of teamwork that Mrs. Allyson brings to the High Road School and all her efforts do not go unnoticed!

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