Mallory was selected for the student of the month for the month of November. She worked incredibly hard to reach Blue level this month and continues to work hard maintaining it! Mallory always puts her best effort into her academics and is willing to ask for help when needed. Mallory has done a great job of modeling acceptable and appropriate behavior and good work habits.

This past month Mallory has made tremendous progress in reading and writing, especially writing to her new pen pals! Mallory is always willing to motivate her peers and compliment her teachers.

Ms. Searles says, “Mallory is such a pleasure to have in class! She has shown perseverance through difficult tasks; both behaviorally and academically. Mallory always has kind words to share and can make anybody’s day!”

When asked what she was most proud of this year, Mallory says, “I am proud that I have been able to stay calm.” She has stayed calm by finding ways to manage stressful times.

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