What impact has Mrs. Burgos had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Mrs. Burgos comes to work each day happy and willing to take on any task. She worked quickly to get to know our schoolwide model, her colleagues and most importantly the students in her classroom, asking important questions and taking initiative. Her calm and caring demeanor has comforted students and helped them adjust to a challenging new school year. Even with the youngest students, Mrs. Burgos has shown the utmost patience and compassion. She has been instrumental in each student’s academic and behavioral growth. In just a short time, Mrs. Burgos has not only been a role model for students, but also for new staff helping to coach them in implementing our schoolwide model and teaching them everything they need to know! In the month of November, Mrs. Burgos again demonstrated her dedication when she volunteered to give a presentation to all of our students about Veterans Day. She engaged students in a meaningful and memorable discussion about what it means to be in the Armed Forces.

“Mrs. Burgos has made such an impact in such a short amount of time. She is dedicated to the students and their success both behaviorally and academically! Her work ethic is one of her most admirable qualities!” – Ms. Searles

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