Ms. Lewis Goes “Above and Beyond”

According to her peers, Ms. Lewis always goes above and beyond. She always supports staff and students when needed. She makes great connections with the students and utilizes the CASE language like a rock star! She makes balancing many roles look easy and she is always positive in the classroom! Learn more about our school today.

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Landin’s Adaptability

High Road School of Wright City is proud to recognize Landin as our October Student of the Month. Landin has shown great adaptability throughout the month of October by being able to adjust to new challenges within his classroom and via High Road’s hybrid model. Landin has taken initiative to stay on top of his own assignments, complete quality work, and hands his assignments in on time. When interacting with peers, Landin has demonstrated that he can work together with his peers in order to achieve a common goal. Landin is also always looking for ways to increase his peer's [...]

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One Creative Week in Fall…

Mrs. Rey, our staff member of the month, used her creative skills by coordinating a week of Halloween and fall activities - complete with fun music and glow sticks. The students participated in a pumpkin scavenger hunt and staff could not wait to play, too! Students played carnival games such as throw the ring on the octopus and knock down cans, dressed as characters such a black cat and zombie. Our middle school class listened to scary stories and students were able to have a Fall-themed weekly BINGO game. To end the week, we had [...]

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Mr. Blanton: Strong Support

Mr. Blanton has been with the High Road team for 10 years. He is a team player and willing to help in any capacity, including sharing his experience with staff. He has fulfilled many roles such as 1:1, teaching assistant, and other necessary roles. He goes beyond supporting the students in their academics, taking time to build rapport with students in all classrooms. Mr. Blanton is a quiet yet supportive presence for the entire school - staff and students alike. "Mr. Blanton takes the time to build rapport with the students and is a constant positive support when assisting [...]

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Student Spotlight

Juliana was selected for student of the month for the month of October 2020. She has worked incredibly hard to remain on Blue level the entire month! She has remained on Blue level since the beginning of the school year by staying focused on herself and showing a great deal of persistence. She has motivated peers to do the same, always encouraging her classmates to stay on task and do the right thing. Ms. McClammy, school social worker says, “Juliana demonstrates excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom. She has been polite and respectful toward her peers and staff. She is [...]

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Ni’zhi is September’s Superstar

Ni'zhi started at High Road in February 2020. This year, as a 9 year old 3rd grader, he has been a model student. Ni’zhi has been completing his work, helping peers, and displaying good sportsmanship during recess time. He is a hardworking young man, who respects his peers and staff. Let's keep up the good work Ni'zhi! "Ni'zhi has shown a tremendous amount of growth since starting at High Road in February 2020." - Mrs. McGlone, Operations Manager "Ni'zhi is always pleasant, greeting staff when they walk in the classroom, and very polite." - Mrs. Canty, Speech and Language [...]

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Jerome: Growing into Leadership

Jerome Lindsey has done an outstanding job since the beginning of the school year. He is currently applying for the Gold level. Last year, Jerome went for a student who would sleep most of the day; when awake, he would refuse to engage in his academics, achieving only the Yellow level. This year Jerome has made dramatic changes -  now an exemplar student, he has grown into a leader within his classroom. He has set an example for his fellow classmates and has enjoyed the ability to engage more within the school community and even assists staff with various [...]

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Sierra Academy and Springall Academy Merge to Form Sierra School of San Diego

Move Provides More Opportunities to Educate and Care for Students with Special Needs SAN DIEGO, Oct. 27, 2020 — Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI), a premier provider of education services for K-12 students who require additional educational and positive behavioral supports to overcome challenges that impede success in a traditional school setting, today announced its Sierra Academy and Springall Academy will merge to form the Sierra School of San Diego (6460 Boulder Lake Avenue). Unifying the schools allows for enhanced programming for every student and stronger collaboration between teachers and therapists. The Sierra School of San Diego is an [...]

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Return to school helps East Bridgewater students with disabilities succeed after remote learning

After months of remote learning due to the coronavirus pandemic, the High Road School of Massachusetts wanted to ensure a return to full in-person classes to best serve its students with disabilities especially struggling with attending school virtually. Unlike other schools around the area that have taken on a hybrid mix of in-person instruction and virtual learning upon return to school for the 2020-2021 school year, or chosen to remain fully remote, the High Road School of Massachusetts reopened Sept. 2 with a full in-person model. The return to the classroom was necessary, Education Director Jill Hunt said, due to [...]

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Ms. Searles: Making Connections

Hamden couldn’t be more excited to welcome Ms. Searles to the team this school year as she begins her Special Education teaching career! Ms. Searles took over the role of our K-3 classroom teacher and has worked quickly to build positive relationships with each and every one of our students. From her classroom décor to her detailed and creative lesson plans, she has created a nurturing, positive environment where students feel supported and safe. Ms. Searles is constantly finding new ways to motivate her students, from cute and colorful stamps on their work to innovative hands-on science projects. Her dedication [...]

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