Our staff of the month for the summer is Ms. Buerkle! Ms. Buerkle just completed her first year with High Road School of Wallingford High School and has been a valuable member of our team. She has embodied the CORE 4 value of humility by never being afraid to ask questions and learn new methods to engage her students. Throughout the year, she has integrated novel studies, virtual tours using an iPad, and many hands-on learning projects. She encourages her students to make connections between the material and post-graduation life by giving examples of how skills can be used outside of the classroom, on the job, or in college.

Although distance learning was a new experience for everyone involved, Ms. Buerkle adjusted her pedagogy, and embraced the change. She was determined to learn new programs to support her students’ learning and continuously built positive rapports with students and their families. She rose to the challenge of learning how to utilize Google Classroom and finding even more resources to engage her students. Ms. Buerkle is always looking for new virtual field trips, online labs, and other resources to digitally engage students no matter the distance.

Ms. Buerkle has been a consistent source of optimism, empathy, and encouragement for students and staff alike. Mr. Berardesca, Operations Manager at High Road School of Wallingford High School, is grateful for the positive impact Ms. Buerkle has made on her students this year saying “The positive comments we have received from parents thanking Ms. Buerkle for her dedication to their students’ education shows the positive impact she has made on her students. Ms. Buerkle has also brought a fun loving and caring spirit to the school community as whole.” Ms. Betlej, a Special Education teacher who works with Buerkle, says “she is both a passionate and compassionate educator. The strong rapport she has built with her students helps them come into school or virtual sessions each day knowing they have someone on their side.” Her ability to help students through their tough days is definitely one of her strengths, as Mr. Paone, also a Special Education teacher at High Road School of Wallingford High School, adds. “Ms. Buerkle shows empathy and kindness for her students daily, and treats her students with respect and dignity at all times.”

We are very grateful for all the hard work Ms. Buerkle has done and proud to name her Staff of the Month for this Summer! Congratulations Ms. Buerkle!

Ms. Buerkle has demonstrated the ability to be flexible in this ever changing time. She has built report with students and parents alike and has shown a willingness and determination to learn new programs in order to help better support her student learning. 

Ms. Buerkle has had a positive impact on her students as evident by the positive comments for parents thank her for her dedication to their students education and has brought a fun loving and caring sprit to the school community as whole. 

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