1. DO set up a dedicated workspace.

Students maintain focus and achieve greater learning when they have a defined and dedicated space with minimal distractions. This may be in a separate room or at the kitchen table. You know what will work best for your student.

  1. DO prepare in advance.

At least ten minutes before the scheduled start time, encourage your student to get in the habit of setting up their device with charger handy, opening their emails or Google Classrooms, and accessing the links for instruction.

  1. DO use a visual schedule.

Our students typically do best with having a clear and concise schedule of expectations accessible to reference each day. This will be emailed to you and your student on a weekly basis. We can also print and mail you your child’s schedule upon request.

  1. DO use the video feature appropriately.

Attendance and participation are being measured through visual contact with your student. The camera should be on and centered on your student’s face in a stationary manner throughout the duration of the instructional session.

  1. DON’T multitask during scheduled Zooms.

Joining a Zoom while traveling in a car, running errands, attending appointments, etc, is not conducive to learning and can be disruptive to other participants in the meeting. Please contact your student’s teacher to discuss makeup opportunities if essential appointments interfere with your child’s scheduled learning time.

  1. DO work towards establishing a healthy bedtime/wakeup schedule.

Changes in sleep/wake patterns have affected many during the COVID-19 closure. While staff are diligently working to provide flexibility and later start times for your child’s distance learning, encourage your child to gradually adjust their routines towards an earlier bedtime and wakeup. This will not only help them be successful during distance-learning, but will also ease the transition back to in-person learning.

  1. DO ask for support!

All High Road School of Wright City staff want to support you and your student. We are learning alongside you. We are always available for questions, concerns, technology training, and moral support. Please reach out!

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