Applying Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis Parent Training

Our school director Mary Claire conducted a virtual parent training on Applying Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis on 6/24. She was able to train parents along with fellow staff members about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) by reviewing the components of ABA, demonstrate working knowledge of the functions of behavior and applying learned principles of ABA  to scenarios. Educating parents and staff on these topics help increase desired behaviors and decrease the behaviors we don't want to see through positive reinforcements. We are so grateful that Mary Claire is able to help educate parents who are spending more time with [...]

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Raffle Winner!

During distance learning, our school developed an incentive program to reward students for their participation. Students earned raffled tickets throughout the 4th quarter for engaging in our distance learning program and we held a raffle at the end of the year. The student featured in this picture is Boris who is an 8th grader that excelled in distance learning and worked diligently to maintain engagement in spirit of the school closure. He attended Zoom sessions, completed packets and spoke to his teachers on the phone regularly! Boris won the grand prize in the raffle and was awarded a 32” Smart TV! [...]

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Birthday Celebration

High Road crew paid a visit to ensure one of our students knew we were thinking about him on his birthday! Check out the video below to see his reaction and our team's best attempt at getting down with The Floss. Learn more about our school today.

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The Sunshine Crew

COVID-19 can't stop our school spirit! Ms. Engel, Ms. Sherri, and Ms. Kristi paid a special friend a socially-distanced visit to spread some cheer and deliver some goodies! High Road staff are always willing and eager to go the extra mile to support our students and maintain our relationships with them during virtual learning. Check out the video below! Learn more about our school today.

The Sunshine Crew2022-01-18T00:27:33-05:00

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!!

At High Road School of New London Middle/High we had the privilege of helping 4 seniors achieve their goal of graduation!! Due to COVID-19, we had to get creative this year, but it did not stop us from celebrating our seniors' accomplishments! Staff assembled at the school and had a parade that traveled to each students' home, complete with loud music and a megaphone. Staff decorated their cars and the school van. We are so proud of the accomplishments of our seniors and wanted to be sure they were recognized! Congratulations to you all, we can't wait to see what [...]

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May Staff of the Month

David Valderrama was selected as the staff of the month for May! Valderrama is a teaching assistant and was chosen due to his work ethic and commitment to educating the students during the Continuum of Learning.  His ensures all student’s needs are met through Zoom sessions, phone calls, and other synchronous and asynchronous methods, which shows his dedication to educating students. He has communicated with staff every step of the way and sought guidance when students were having difficulty with concepts. He is always willing to offer suggestions to improve the experience of distance learning for both students and [...]

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Graduation 2020

Our staff surprised our graduating senior Briana a basket with a bunch of goodies and presented with her certificate of completion from our school for graduating! Staff decorated their cars, as did her family to do a drive by parade celebrating her accomplishment! Learn more about our school today.

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Virtual Parent Training on Utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis in Your Home

Good afternoon, High Road families! We will be holding a caretaker training onWednesday, June 24th, from 10:00-11:00AM via Zoom. We will be exploring the basics of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and discussing ways to incorporate ABA in your home. ABA is a highly-effective set of principles that focuses on how behaviors change and how learning takes place. An understanding and implementation of the basics of ABA will support you in increasing desired behaviors and decreasing maladaptive behaviors in your home. We will follow up this training with one centered on building home-based individualized behavior/incentive plans. Please RSVP to Mary [...]

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Alleviating Boredom Without Losing Sight of Educational Goals: Active Learning (Video)

The second video in our Alleviating Boredom Without Losing Sight of Educational Goals series discusses how to turn everyday activities into learning opportunities with three examples. Visit our Family Recommendations & Resources page for additional resources. ALLEVIATING BOREDOM PDF

Alleviating Boredom Without Losing Sight of Educational Goals: Active Learning (Video)2022-01-18T00:27:34-05:00