Tips for maintaining structure in the home

How can families support children who are home for an extended period of time? Download Resources Now 11 Tips For Families Institute a regular schedule Monday-Friday with an agreed-on wakeup time and designated hours for instructional time (e.g., work sent home, online modules suggested by the school, reading books, etc.). First 30 minutes: Complete silent reading (could be a chapter book, iReady, assignment sent from school). Second 30 minutes: Complete math activity (could be assignment sent from school, online module, or around- the-house project, e.g., measuring the dimensions of a room or figuring out cost of [...]

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Tina Shows Passion and Innovation

Although Tina has only been with Sierra for a short time, she has seamlessly stepped into her role as a teacher. She is always smiling and shows joy in her teaching. Over the last month, she has transitioned her class to the new norm of virtual school. She is creative, engaging and always finding ways to give her students the same passion, care and opportunities to learn, that she did when the school was physically open. Tina has taken the challenges of distance learning and embraced the opportunity to connect with her students, in a different way. She has [...]

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