Ms. Lucas has had an extreme impact on not only the school but her students as well. She has three students transitioning back to their home schools and has another two students that are on silver and gold level. Around the building, she is a jack of all trades. She covers classrooms, holds quiet room doors, executes lesson plans, and sits in on meetings with her teacher when developing IEP goals for students.

Ms. Lucas was chosen for this month’s staff member of the month by the director due to her dedication to the model of the school. She constantly holds students to the language of the Point Sheets no matter what level they are on. Her students know exactly where they stand when it comes to what level they are on and what their point sheets look like.

“Ms. Lucas has been a pillar of High Road of Southern Maryland. She has been willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done. Recently, Ms. Lucas had not been feeling 100%, yet, she has been here every step of the way for whatever her students need as well as whatever the staff needs. When one of our teachers went ill, Ms. Lucas came right in at covered the classroom. The students regarded HER as a teacher. Some even tell me that she was their favorite teacher in the building. We are very lucky to have her on our team.” – Asa Daniels, Director

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