Over the past month, Ms. Barnes has a school high of students on Blue Level with one of her students on Gold Level. Along with Mr. Singletary, (Instructional Assistant of the classroom) Ms. Barnes has students reading novels as a classroom as well as putting students through rigorous classwork that challenges their intellect as well as their grade level. Tough, gritty, funny, yet courteous, Ms. Barnes is a delight to have in the High Road Family.

Ms. Barnes was selected for Staff Member of the Month by the director for her over the top dedication to educating our students as well as being there for whatever the staff needs. Ms. Barnes has also taken the mantel of Testing Coordinator. In which, she has all of the students taking and completing the state test that they were not completed previously. Through her innovative ways, she actually has students excited about testing.

“Ms. Barnes has been a stellar advocate for cultivating our high school student’s minds. She has earned their trust by relating to them and empathizing with them all while being stern and holding them accountable for their actions. She holds true to our High Road model and preaches the “Language of the Point Sheets” to our students. We are elated to have her as a staff member as well as a model for our students.” – Asa Daniels, Director

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