Kyle joined us in the Fall of this year, entering the Special Education field for the first time since completing his BA in Psychology. He has a strong commitment to youth with special needs, having been involved in adaptive karate locally. He quickly has become an integral part of the BEST Academy community. He is willing to work with any student, building strong connections with even the most complex students. He is eager to learn and constantly active and involved.

Kyle’s coworkers have recognized his willingness to learn and support in any situation. He responds quickly to any area of need and has a strong understanding of ABA, providing a warm, consistent structure for each student, allowing them to concentrate on and enjoy their academics.

“Mr. Landry’s positive attitude, persistent attendance, flexibility, and commitment to the students makes him such a great asset to the team. He is always looking for ways to extend the calm with his students and following all student guidelines with fidelity. Mr. Landry continues to impress us all with his devotion to these students.” – Education Director- Amy Farmer

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