Since starting at High Road School of Wallingford, Mr. Estelle has been fearless in his approach. He is not afraid to ask questions and learn from his mistakes. Mr. Estelle has been a valuable team player over the past month. Mr. Estelle is someone that all members of the High Road community enjoy working with and has picked up the nuances of the role very quickly. Although he is somewhat new to the High Road team, he has wasted no time getting to know our model, establishing a rapport with the students, and taking initiative. If another classroom needs a VTO, Mr. Estelle is there!

He has shown great progress learning the ins and outs of High Road by asking veteran staff questions and learning from their example. Students benefit from his enthusiasm. He holds students accountable while also actively engaging them at rotations. If a student is having a tough time, he encourages them to make a positive choice or reminds them they can utilize coping skills.

“Mr. Estelle is a great team player. He is eager to learn and is always open to radical candor” says Mr. Reid, Teaching Assistant. Ms. Buerkle, Special Education Teacher, adds “Mr. Estelle is reliable; we can always count on him to be supportive of both students and staff. He has built wonderful relationships with the students which has lead them to respect him”. Mr. Berardesca, Operations manager, says “Mr. Estelle started with High Road School just a few short months ago and has already demonstrated reliability and trustworthiness that make him a person both his colleagues and students enjoy working with.” Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our student’s success Mr. Estelle! Congratulations on staff of the month!

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