Jaiden was chosen for student of the month due to his academic and behavioral resiliency. Jaiden has been a model student in his time at High Road. While he has had ups and downs on his path he has persevered through the rough times and has always quickly ascended back to high behavior level. He is an important part of the High Road School of Wallingford High School and is relied upon to complete a variety of tasks around the school. Jaiden is a role model for other students at our school.

Jaiden has shown a great improvement in his ability to advocate for himself and monitor his behaviors. He has become a very conscientious student and has sought feedback from both teachers at High Road and his district. Jaiden set a goal to consistently improve his academic and behavioral accountability so he could return to public school. By actively participating in his PPT meetings this year, having numerous school jobs, advocating for himself when he needs VTOs or social work requests, and communicating with staff in a professional manner, Jaiden will no doubt rise to the high expectations he has set for himself.

This year, Jaiden has achieved and maintained honors. He was very proud of himself as was his teacher, Ms. Lieberman who says “Jaiden has been able to use the skills he has gained over the past two school years to manage himself and make positive and productive choices in school. He is working very hard academically and behaviorally to achieve his goals. He knows what support he needs and uses them properly. I am very proud of his accomplishments!” Mr. Berardesca, Operations Manager, has also noticed the growth Jaiden has made stating “Jaiden has been at High Road School for almost two years. In that time, he has shown consistency, both academically and behaviorally. As Jaiden begins to wind down his High Road career it is only natural that he is recognized for his accomplishments.”

Great work Jaiden and congratulations!

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