March Student of the Month – Ethan

What has this student done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Ethan shows respect to others, works really hard even at the subjects he doesn't quite understand and has shown empathy towards staff and students. Provide feedback from a teacher or staff member on why this student is Student of the Month "Ethan is hard-working, enormously respectful, and a role model to his peers." "Ethan is very smart, and also very humble, often volunteering to help peers and staff with Integrated Math" ? What is something this student has accomplished so far this school year [...]

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Former Student Gives Advice to Current Students

In an effort to have a variety of speakers help our students explore their futures beyond high school, our Transition Coordinator facilitated a visit from former High Road School of Hartford student Demar Porter. Demar is currently an ISC Desktop Service Technician for Travelers Insurance of Hartford. Demar began by speaking about his reasons for coming to High Road as a student and how it impacted his life. He spoke about how the structure at High Road prepared him for a positive post secondary education and also prepared him for a career. He spoke very lovely about a High Road [...]

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“Trading Spaces” comes to Hartford

In the fall of 2019, the high school was able to procure a few new rooms for student use. We chose to follow the model of some of the other High Roads in our area and transformed an empty space into what we are calling ‘The Exhilaration Station’. With the help of Mr. Rizzo, Connecticut High Roads Jack of all Trades, Operations Manager Ms. Russo and Director Mrs. McDonald, the vision came to life. A bright green color was added to the walls, making the room energetic and positive and the floors were scrubbed clean. Pull up bars were added [...]

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The Cell Structure – Almost Like a City

As the students learn about cells, and the various functions that are carried out within them, each are tasked with researching different organelles and contributing in creating a large 3-D model, to display for the rest of the school. With only the slightest push, they’re off creating their own organelles to add to the display, utilizing what they have learned and adding in their own creative spin. Some use clay to mold the intricate details of the mitochondria, the power house of the cell. Others take a simpler approach, scattering beads across the cell to represent ribosomes, the cell [...]

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Staff of the Month

Our staff of the month is Mr. Gresh, a Teacher Assistant at the High Road School of Windham County. Mr. Gresh has been a TA at HRS since August 2018 at different locations, easily adjusting to each school. He is always willing to help wherever the need is greatest and goes above and beyond on a daily basis to make sure everything in the classroom is running smoothly. He is extremely patient and respectful of all students. Mr. Gresh always makes sure that the student’s needs come first and stays focused to help make their learning experience enjoyable as [...]

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February Student of the Month – Patrick

What has this student done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Before Patrick came to our program he was doing half days without any demands. He started our program mid January on full days and was immediately frustrated when he was on red. As a kid who thrives in a positively reinforced environment it was not long before Patrick got accustomed to our level system and worked hard to get on Blue. He prides himself on following directions and is having continuously smoother transitions from rotation to rotation. The amount of work Patrick has been [...]

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Sierra’s Annual Science Fair

This year’s Science Fair brought many interesting ideas and concepts to the table. There were projects presenting a hypothesis and great results whether positive or negative. In addition, several students shared their knowledge of many other areas of science through reports. From this judge’s viewpoint everyone was a winner and it was obvious how much time and thought were put into the projects. Learn more about our school today.

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March Staff of the Month – Ms. Charmaine

What impact has this staff had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Charmaine stepped right into her role as a TA, acting as a leader by assisting staff with learning our computer systems, coordinating more efficient transportation routes, and filling in as an ongoing sub when desperately needed. Ms. Charmaine is highly regarded and respected by students, and often sought out as a preferred staff member for check-ins and walks. Why did other staff members select this person as Staff of the Month? Staff state a feeling of confidence when Charmaine is around because of her [...]

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Thank You, Mr. R!

This month, we're shining the spotlight on Mr. R! We are so proud of him and all he has done this school year. Mr. R goes out of his way to help students and staff when needed. All of our students love taking VTO’s with Mr. R and his colleagues are impressed by his hard work and dedication each and every day. Learn more about our school today.

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