March Student of the Month – Ethan

What has this student done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Ethan shows respect to others, works really hard even at the subjects he doesn't quite understand and has shown empathy towards staff and students. Provide feedback from a teacher or staff member on why this student is Student of the Month "Ethan is hard-working, enormously respectful, and a role model to his peers." "Ethan is very smart, and also very humble, often volunteering to help peers and staff with Integrated Math" ? What is something this student has accomplished so far this school year [...]

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February Student of the Month – Patrick

What has this student done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Before Patrick came to our program he was doing half days without any demands. He started our program mid January on full days and was immediately frustrated when he was on red. As a kid who thrives in a positively reinforced environment it was not long before Patrick got accustomed to our level system and worked hard to get on Blue. He prides himself on following directions and is having continuously smoother transitions from rotation to rotation. The amount of work Patrick has been [...]

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March Staff of the Month – Ms. Charmaine

What impact has this staff had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Charmaine stepped right into her role as a TA, acting as a leader by assisting staff with learning our computer systems, coordinating more efficient transportation routes, and filling in as an ongoing sub when desperately needed. Ms. Charmaine is highly regarded and respected by students, and often sought out as a preferred staff member for check-ins and walks. Why did other staff members select this person as Staff of the Month? Staff state a feeling of confidence when Charmaine is around because of her [...]

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Thank You, Mr. R!

This month, we're shining the spotlight on Mr. R! We are so proud of him and all he has done this school year. Mr. R goes out of his way to help students and staff when needed. All of our students love taking VTO’s with Mr. R and his colleagues are impressed by his hard work and dedication each and every day. Learn more about our school today.

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Frida’s Positive Impact

Frida has caught on to the TA position quickly. She goes beyond her duties frequently. Frida has made a positive impact on her students and is an asset to her peers. Frida volunteers to help out in any way possible in and outside of the classroom. She translates for our Spanish speaking parents in all of our classrooms and is always in good spirits! Frida has shown to be a great addition to our wonderful school! Her love of her job and the students is evident every day. Learn more about our school today. [...]

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Ms. Dee Sparks Joy

Ms. Darienne Martin-Baker, lovingly referred to as “Ms. Dee” by staff and students, sparks joy. As a High School Assistant Teacher, she’s an all-time favorite for VTO’s, frequently full of infectious energy, and honestly great hugs. She’s a bit like a school mascot here at Sierra School at Barrett in a uniform of overalls and Birkenstocks. When we asked students, “What makes Ms.Dee great?” Most said she’s welcoming, friendly, and patient. Sierra School at Barrett staff shares similar sentiments. Tommy our program coordinator for the middle and high school says, “She’s the bright spot of all my days. I’m so [...]

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Ms. Denise Is A Natural Leader

Denise has encouraged and supported staff. Denise is a go-to when navigating complicated student scenarios. Denise models healthy boundaries for staff and students. Denise is the first to volunteer when help is needed. Staff always look for Ms. Denise for guidance and support. She always is there with a smile on her face no matter the situation. We depend on her and she never lets us down. She's a natural leader among staff. She is an authentic motivator with the students. Denise is highly regarded by staff and students alike. Denise is highly valued on our team. Learn [...]

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Congrats Ms. Dash

Ms. Dash recently joined us for the opening of our new classroom. With a background in behavior management ranging from small children to teens, she was the perfect fit for the new classroom. She has focused on building rapport with the new students to make them feel more at home in their new environment. Her ability to recognize antecedents and deescalate situations helps our students and classroom to run smoothly and efficiently. She emotionally supports each and every student and takes a personal stake in their success. We are all so excited to have Dash on our team! She comes [...]

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Ms. Yezi Is A Team Player

Ms. Yezi has been a very key player in the classroom and outside of the classroom. The students respect her and are always seeking her out for assistance with any subject. Staff members at our program have stated that Ms. Yezi is a team player, dependable and very knowledgeable in her role. Ms. Yezi has been an all-around go-to person and can be found bouncing from being a one to one, TA, and a Substitute Teacher if needed. She has a very strong background working with all types of students and has a great way of approaching students in every [...]

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Mr. Wolf’s Positive Energy

Mr. Wolf has built extremely positive relationships with his students and all staff since onboarding with High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle. He has taken the initiative to run end of the day meetings when the director is unavailable. He always empowers students to make good choices, earn their day, and motivates them academically. Mr. Wolf has a positive energy about him that goes a long way with his students and staff. “Mr. Wolf has made huge strides in his professional growth since he started with High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle. He is always ready for a new challenge, [...]

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