Karon was selected for the student of the month for January. Karon has worked extremely hard this school year and has maintained Blue level consistently. He has shown personal growth and resiliency in his ability to recover from setbacks and keep a positive attitude. He has also helped to spread ‘positive vibes’ to his classmates and teachers.

“Karon’s teacher is so proud of his hard work, especially in reading! He has made so much progress this school year and takes so much pride in his work. He acts as a leader to younger students and consistently shows them compassion and kindness.” Mr. Lasko says. “Karon has shown tremendous growth in the classroom as well as during our physical education lessons, showing both great sportsmanship and leadership.”

When asked what he’s proud of this year, Karon says “I’m most proud of who I’ve become, a good person.” He is also proud of achieving his goal of reading and is proud of his good grades!

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