Marques was enrolled in High Road the week prior to Thanksgiving in 2019. Since his enrollment, Marques has NEVER dropped his level and is regarded by his teacher and Instructional assistant as one of the more mature students in his classroom. Also since his enrollment, Marques has made significant success in his “iReady” testing. Completing an outstanding 80% of his lessons and having the most time logged into the program in the entire school.

Here are some words from the Instructional Assistant of his class; Mr. Barnes
“I am extremely pleased to have Marques as a student. He is quiet, hard-working, and very mature. Since he has been in my class, I have not had one problem with him. He does all of his school work and everything the staff asks him to do, he does. I learned that his mom was not well and had to go to the hospital and Marques has elevated his responsibility. He insured me that he was going to do whatever it took for his mom not to receive any bad news from the school. That really impressed me.”

Here are some words from Marques himself about becoming Student of the Month:
“I really love it here at High Roads. The staff makes it really fun to come to school every day. Not only that, but I get to go on Fun Friday and not have to pay for anything and all I have to do is my work and stay on my best behavior. My classroom is fun too. The “iReady” test that I take is easier because I can take my time and I don’t get mad. My teacher Ms. Smith does lots of projects that we like in class.”

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