The staff was delighted to name Alexander “Alex” as Student of the month. Alex spent the beginning of this year just skating by. At one point, just before Christmas, a light turned on in his mind and he started trying his best to have self-control and focused on himself and what concerns him. Alex has changed his attitude and has become more engaged in his class/rotations and is on color! He displays role model behavior at job sites and is a pleasure to have out in the community because he is always very respectful and full of positive energy. Alex is definitely seeing the rewards of his hard work as he goes out into the community where his behavior shines.

“Alex has shown exemplary behavior in the community. His kindness towards the senior clients at Active Day is heartwarming. He is a self-starter and knows the routines of the job, he gets his work done in a quick, efficient way.” – Ms. Vose-Watson, Teaching Assistant, Fifth Year Transition Classroom.

Alex is most proud of making it on color and being able to engage in the community trips that his class often takes

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