Richard has shown significant improvement over the current school year and especially the last month. Richard is always willing to help staff or peers if they need help. Richard has also improved learning when to ask for a break if he is feeling overwhelmed. He is now asking for a break or VTO independently whereas before a teacher or staff would suggest a break for him. Richard can now sit through a whole Science or Social Studies lesson, and be able to give feedback whereas he couldn’t do that before.

Richard has improved so much on his behavior. Richard is respectful to staff, and to peers. When Richard has a behavior that is less the perfect he immediately apologizes for it and tries to do better the next time. Richard has worked really hard to get to Gold. The snack shack is his favorite thing to work for. Richard has a great sense of humor and loves to tell his teachers and peers about dinosaurs and other exciting animals.

In the past, Richard would get angry so easily and would act out in a negative way. Now he is able to react in an appropriate way, even when upset. Richard is able to transition from one activity to another. Richard is a delight to have in class and a good role model for this fellow classmates.

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