Dustin has shown amazing progress in the classroom in all areas. He displays excellent gold level behaviors throughout the entire school day. Dustin is a great leader in the classroom and very sociable towards his peers. Dustin gets along well with others and enjoys coming to school.

From the teacher and the two aides in the classroom the words that best describe Dustin are respectful and kind. Dustin has a great attitude and shows great effort with attempting new tasks in the classroom even when they are challenging. Dustin is a people person as he is very kind to all peers and adults around him. Overall, Dustin is a great student who shows amazing effort in the classroom.

Dustin is very happy to be able to read words that he was not able to read at the beginning of the school year thanks to SPIRE. Dustin also was proud to have made many new friends and to be on gold day 197!

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