Our student of the month for December is Liam! Liam has done a great job adjusting to a new classroom and making even more friends. He has risen to the challenges that come with switching classrooms such as advocating for himself as his teachers get to know him. In addition, Liam has set a goal to make it to Blue day 100. Right now, he is on day 85 and is doing a great job! Liam also helps around the school by holding school jobs. He helps serve lunch and with ice cream shop. Ms. Tatta, transition coordinator, says Liam is a “hard worker with many creative ideas. He always has a positive attitude and is up to whatever challenge we have for him.”

“Liam has done a great job this school year. He has worked hard both academically and behaviorally to set an example for his fellow students. He is friendly and helpful and is a valued member of the High Road School community.” says Mr. Berardesca, Operations Manager. Ms. Betlej, Liam’s teacher, adds “Liam does an awesome job encouraging his peers to make good choices. If they’re having a tough time he’ll help them out by reminding them they can still make good choices or by cheering them up.” Keep up the great work Liam, and congratulations on student of the month!

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