Here at High Roads School of Hartford, we appreciate all of our staff’s hard work and dedication. However, there is one teaching assistant who continues to go above and beyond for both staff and students. Mr. Slappy is being recognized as the staff of the Month for the entire month of November. He is known for always willing to help anywhere he can, as well as building a great rapport with the students. The way Mr. Slappy executes our model throughout this month shows hard work, sincerity, perseverance and diligence. Mr. Slappy was selected by staff for his energy and willingness to help in any situation. He has helped new staff learn the model for our program. Mr. Slappy does a great job of holding students accountable but also showing that he is caring. Mr. Slappy has also volunteered to assist with data entry when needed and to help around the school with projects.

“Thank You Mr. Slappy for always inspiring us to always go that extra mile to help others. We extend our best wishes for further achievements.” — Katelyn McDonald Education Director

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