Azreal has boundless energy and exhibits the ability to truly enjoy and appreciate our students. Over the past month, she has been an amazing resource and support for new staff. She has also been increasingly engaged in classroom meetings and other professional developments, exhibiting a desire to learn, collaborate and support.

Azreal has had a significant presence throughout the school community. Her laughter can be heard throughout the hallways, creating a sense of fun and stability. She is always eager to help in any situation and is open to growing and learning about new students and new educational tools. The newer BEST Academy members have been especially grateful for her contributions.

“Since she has joined us, almost three years ago, Azreal has grown a great deal as a professional. Her confidence and resilience with the educational field, and with the students, add an invaluable ingredient to our school community. The day would not be complete without one of her all-knowing smiles.” – Amy Farmer Education Director

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