What has Kay’la accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month?

Kay’la has exceeded every expectation that Mr. Johnson has set in place for her. “Her passion, charismatic personality and eagerness to learn are exceptional”, Mr. Johnson proudly stated. Her ability to follow classroom rules and assist with ensuring that all students remain on task, complete assignment and are always trying their best is remarkable.

Ms. Johnson states Kay’la’s “compassionate nature sets her apart from her peers”. She is very aware of the power her voice has when she speaks and questions her teachers for clarification. Mr. Owens mentions, “Kay’la poses the knowledge of being an excellent leader and aspires to be the model student of High Role Academy”. Kay’la showcases her empathy towards her peers by understanding their point of view without allowing her peer’s voice to be lost. She reflects on her peer’s accounts and makes the connection between herself and theirs. Currently, Kay’la is focusing on deciding which Historical Black College University she wants to apply for and attend

What is something Kay’la has accomplished so far this school year that they are proud of?

Ka’yla is specifically proud of all of the improvements she has made academically, as well as her growth into a young woman.

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