What impact has Mr. Powell had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Our staff of the month for October is Mr. Powell! Mr. Powell is a 1:1 paraprofessional who has shown exemplary abilities to redirect students to make positive choices. Other staff members have noted that Powell shows the Core 4 of humility and transparency. He is not afraid to learn from his mistakes and ask questions.

When he is not in the classroom with his student, Powell is assisting other classrooms with VTOs or by running rotations to help other students reach their full academic potential. of Education

Mr. Powell assists in teaching our Music Elective with Ms. Betlej, “Mr. Powell’s passion for teaching music is shown through the engaging lessons he designs. His interactive approach has students making their own connections to the musical world around us and looking forward to the next week so they can learn more” says Betlej.

Mr. Berardesca, Operations Manager says “Mr. Powell has exemplified what it means to be a team player. He has completed any and all assignments asked of him.”

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