What impact has Mr. Catanzaro had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Mr. Catanzaro always supports his colleagues and steps up to any role or responsibility needed. Mr. Catanzaro has assisted new staff with learning our model and systems. He has helped set up and run a classroom with positivity and consistency. Mr. C is calm and able to work with all of the students. Staff selected Mr. Catanzaro because “he is always a calm and reliable colleague”, “he is able to manage his classroom while supporting others”, and “he is extremely respectful of all staff and students.”

Students say “Mr. C is cool and fun! I like that he knows the fun Sponge Bob song. Helps me with my work when I need it too.”

“Mr. Catanzaro is a dependable, consistent team member that steps up to any challenge and always has a smile on his face!” – Katelyn McDonald, Education Director

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