Dakota is a twelfth grader in Ms. Lieberman’s class. Dakota has done an exemplary job this September of having a growth mindset and being a positive role model for his classmates. Dakota re-earned gold status at the beginning of the month after working hard all summer staying on blue. Dakota encourages his peers to do their best and helps them when they are having a tough time.

Mrs. Tatta, our transition coordinator says “Dakota is a very hard worker. He is trustworthy and always willing to help staff and peers”. Dakota has many on campus jobs such as working the deli, coffee shop, pet center, serving lunch, and end of day school clean up. “Dakota is a great kid. He’s always on task and has been doing a super job!” says Mrs. Miccio. Dakota frequently works with her in the Deli.

Dakota even made up his own job. He saw that at the end of the day, the gym was left messy and there were many items left out. He asked Mr. Berardesca, the Operations Manager, if he could have a job at the end of the day cleaning up the gym. Dakota now finishes his schoolwork early so he can complete his school job. High Road is grateful to have such a conscientious student as Dakota!

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