What impact has Tashiemia had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Tashiemia demonstrates punctuality and professionalism daily. She takes excellent data collection on Catalyst and demonstrates strength in conscientiously implementing programs. Tashiemia implements targets as written by the teacher and gives thoughtful feedback on programs. In addition, she is quick to create new materials needed for a student’s program. Her data is always consistent with the performance seen by the teacher. Tashiemia cares about our student’s programming and wants them to get the most out of their time in school. She has a true passion for working with our students and that is noticeable. We are grateful to have such a dedicated and passionate worker.

Why did other staff members select Tashiemia as Staff of the Month?

Tashiemia is a constant calm presence who will and can competently assist in any situation. She is always energetic and creative in her planning for all students, planning towards their strengths. Tashiemia is a pivotal staff member who has helped BEST Academy grow into the school it has become. She brings a combination of professionalism and sparkle to everything she does!