The staff at High Road School of Wallingford High School has been hard at work preparing for the first day of school. Staff have been attending professional development meetings, decorating classrooms, cleaning and organizing materials, and getting everything set up for students to arrive. Below are what some staff members are most excited for this coming school year:
Mr. Berardesca: “The new model and what we are rolling out because it will make it easier for students to access their education.”
Miss Betlej: “To help all my students make this year better than best!”
Mrs. Buerkle: “To get to know all my students!”
Ms. Gilnack: “To see the progress of our students!”
Ms. Lieberman: “To get to know this group of students better and to help them learn and grow using the new model!”
Mr. Lindsley: “Students hard work leading to future successes.”
Mr. Paone: “Building positive relationships with all of the students.”
Ms. Perrelli: “To do more community service and teach students the value of giving back.”
Mr. Powell: “To teach music elective! I’m planning many hands on activities!”
Mr. Reid: “To become more involved with the school.”
Mrs. Tatta: “To have a positive and successful year!”

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