Quenice Davis is a former San Diego State standout basketball player. Now, she’s impacting lives as an administrator at Sierra School of Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — When it comes to shooting your shot, Quenice Davis gets buckets.

The former division 1 college basketball star turned school administrator is scoring at life and dishing out plenty of assists along the way.

“I’ve always known I wanted to go into education,” said Davis. “My father was a teacher when I was a little kid. My sister was already in the field, teaching students with autism, and she was like ‘Hey, try this out’ and I fell in love with it after that.”

Every Monday through Friday, people can catch Davis patrolling the halls of Sierra School of Sacramento and putting a smile on students’ faces along the way. She’s the school’s associate director.

“We’re a non-public school,” said Davis. “They come here to get help with their behaviors and academic achievement, and we support that, reshaping and remolding them.”

Long before Davis was making a difference at Sierra School of Sacramento, she was a standout basketball player at San Diego State University, which made it to the Sweet 16 in her senior year.

She then embarked on a professional basketball career overseas before coming back to Northern California and earning a Master’s Degree in Special Education.

“Anything I do, I set out and I finish it,” said Davis. “Basketball and work. I think they go hand in hand. The (Sweet 16) run was rewarding, got a lot of of that. And then coming here and just seeing my kids, greeting me, I’m going to have a good day. It all ties in for me.”

Among the most rewarding parts of the job is the relationship she develops with her students.

“I know the work I’m doing with them is helping them in some way,” said Davis. “Whether I can take them on a walk or shoot some hoops with them to take them off the stresses of the school day or things going on at home, having someone like me for them to lean on is something they really look forward to when they come to school every day.”

In addition to her work Sierra School of Sacramento, Davis is also a full-time mom and the head basketball coach at her alma mater Rio Americano High School.