Every day and especially on World Social Work Day (March 21), it’s important to highlight the essential role social workers play in promoting the well-being of students and their families.

For the past three years Jade Rosenberg, MSS, HSV, a licensed social worker, has worked at the High Road School of Delaware as a full-time, on-site social worker. In this role, she serves some of the most vulnerable students in her community.

Rosenberg witnesses the incredible resilience of her students, who face many difficult challenges, including family instability and trauma, which can have a profound impact on their academic performance, mental and emotional health, and future in and out of the classroom.

At High Road Schools, social workers utilize their skills and connections to community resources to empower families to effectively advocate for their child across multiple settings. Social workers in schools do a lot of work behind the scenes to help ensure students are taken care of completely.

She hones in on social skills training for adolescents with any emotional exceptionalities. Along with group counseling, she provides individual counseling and mentoring as needed to students who are struggling with anxiety, depression, or ADHD. She also collaborates with teachers to develop strategies for addressing behavioral issues in the classroom. Her colleagues say she comes in positive every single day for her students.

“Watching my kids grow as students and as humans is super rewarding,” said Rosenberg. “When a student says ‘thank you’, who has never said thank you before in their life, or, tells you to have a good day, and they genuinely mean it, that makes my day.”