Students at Sierra School of San Joaquin celebrated Thanksgiving with a classroom decoration contest. The friendly competition took place by class, with the elementary classroom taking home the top prize.

Teachers used the contest as a thought starter for students on what they are thankful for during the holidays.

“I loved doing this activity because we all not only got to do it together, but also were working toward a common goal – why are we thankful? The overall theme was so positive and got my students to really focus on all the great things that they have in their lives,”  said Ms. Agostini, education specialist.

As part of the contest, students in each participating classroom decorated paper turkeys, owls and fall leaves. The paper turkeys provided the space for students to write down some of the things they are thankful to have in their lives, including friends and school staff.

One of the students expressed what the creative activity meant to them: “I liked working with my 1:1 and friends. We all told stories, got to do art, and I was excited to win CASE cash!”

The theme-based art project was designed to be fun and engaging for students. Staff said the students were excited to see their work displayed in the classrooms and on doors for all to enjoy.

“Often our students have difficulty focusing only on the negative within the world they live in, it was great to see them light up and share things that they loved and made them happy and of course thankful,” said Ms. Agostini.