Our character trait for January & February is courage. Sean has shown great courage these last two months by doing things that were difficult for him in the past. Sean struggled with going off-campus when he first started at Sierra Academy. He would refuse to get in the school van to go anywhere. In the last two months, Sean has gone off-campus for a field trip to the zoo, a blue level reward of lunch at Chick-Fil-A, and he now joins the rest of the high school, every other week to volunteer, doing tasks like cleaning, stocking, and inventory.

“To see Sean’s growth and progress toward independence has been amazing. Sean came to us 3 years ago and has had to take small steps towards big goals. He continues to make strides in his behavior, social skills, and independent living skills. We are all so proud of Sean and his success!” – Brianna Hill, Associate Director

Sean is able to work with a variety of individuals, and not just his 1:1 aide. He is participating in activities with his peers, going off-campus and completing work independently.

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