What impact has Solimar had on colleagues and students over the past month?

As a veteran staff and the Handle with Care Trainer in the building, Ms. Mercado has been an integral part of the team this school year. She assisted in training all staff in our procedures and policies during orientation and continues to train staff and be a role model with those policies and procedures. Solimar went out of her way before school started to ensure the school was a welcoming environment for the students when they began.

Anastasia McGlone, Operations Manager, states that “Ms. Mercado is amazing! She is dependable, happy and not only does her job as required but is always willing to go above and beyond to make our school a great place for students and staff”.

Why did other staff members select Solimar as Staff of the Month?

Ms. Mercado is patient and willing to answer any questions from her peers. She is consistent and kind with her students. Solimar ensure her classroom is running safely and students are engaged. Ms. Mercado also assists in the school as needed with all students.

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