Our staff of the month for September is Ms. Perelli! Ms. Perelli works with the High Road School of Wallingford as a 1:1 paraprofessional. Throughout this past month, she has been an integral part of the transition classroom where she has been a tremendous leader and encourages other staff members to do their best. She is always available to answer questions about our level system new staff members might have, or to help students with their class work. Ms. Perelli embodies the Core 4 of Decisiveness; if she recognizes there is a need for someone to run a job or help out, she immediately goes to help.

Ms. Perelli was selected because she is a positive role model for both staff and students. Her dedication to High Road is shown through her many roles at school. Mr. Berardesca, Operations Manager, adds “Ms. Perelli is an important member of our team. She makes sure everything in her classroom is running smoothly and that her students come first. Additionally she sees that the rest of the school is operating smoothly, which includes helping students run coffee shop, assisting in deli, and other transitional jobs in school.” Mrs. Miccio and Mrs. Buerkle agree, adding “Ms. P is always helping others no matter how busy she is. She shows care and compassion to all the students. She is always positive and cheerful when students arrive in the morning so students start their day off on the right foot!” Thank you for all of your hard work Ms. Perelli!

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