Positive Peer Culture for all Students

Alternative Education Program

An Individualized Approach to Education

Our programs provide the needed support to a school district and charter school’s most at-risk population by effectively educating and socializing students with pervasive, maladaptive, or disruptive behaviors. Our certified and trained staff provide a structured, safe environment, where students can get back on track both behaviorally and academically.

Through a combination of behavior modification, peer accountability, and guided instruction, our staff acts as change agents to change students’ attitudes and behaviors while also improving academic performance.

Established Norms, Accountability, and Motivation

Staff and students alike share a common set of campus rules and expectations including a clearly defined student redirection and crisis management process. By giving students a sense of ownership and responsibility for their own school, we encourage them to feel accountable for their actions, behaviors, and personal performance at school every day.

Guided Group Interaction

In small groups supervised by trained staff, students discuss issues outside of school that interfere with behavior at school. In this structured safe environment, our staff develops research-based personal growth programs that will support each student in the areas identified for attention. Every staff member is trained to identify leadership struggles, interpret nonverbal communication cues, and gauge trust level within the group, all of which in turn allows our staff to read and predict behavior.

Student Rating System

Our system promotes positive, pro-social behaviors through privileges and advancing status while countering negative behaviors with reduced privileges and a loss in status. With teachers and staff meeting weekly to determine ratings, students can move up or fall back depending on their demonstrated ability to adhere to school norms. to determine individual student behavior and adjust status accordingly. The behavioral status of each student is posted in public spaces and each student participates in the discussion of improving his or her rating.

Student Government

One of the foundational structures to our program, the Student Government system allows students to climb up a six-tiered behavior rating system all while earning greater privileges and acting as instrumental liaisons between staff and new students. The opportunity to participate in student government allows student to become leaders and peer role models based on their behavior, attendance, and academic progress.

Preparing All Students for Life After School

High-school-aged students actively participate in workplace awareness activities, a life skills curriculum, and an exposure to a variety of potential postsecondary paths through industry and college tours. With an emphasis on dropout prevention and post-secondary career or college preparation, we provide support and guidance to students no matter the path they are looking to take.

Spotlight on Anthony Wayne Academy

Open since 2012, Anthony Wayne Academy partners with Mastery Charter Schools and KIPP Philadelphia Schools. Our program’s staff and students work together to create a positive school culture and climate with the staff participating in on-going professional developments and collaboration for continuous school improvement. Through the student leadership program of ownership, accountability, and incentives the development of pro-social behaviors allows for an increase in academic learning and engagement.