Ms. Costa’s Science Experiment

Last week, students in Ms. Costa’s 11-12 grade class participated in a science experiment about tooth enamel. Students put an egg in various liquids (milk, Coke, vinegar, and Sunny Delight). After 7 days, the students removed the eggs to see what effect the liquids had on their shells, much like the effects they would have on human teeth. Most interesting was the vinegar egg. The vinegar stripped off the shell and the remainder of the egg bounced! Learn more about High Road School today!

Ms. Costa’s Science Experiment2021-04-28T20:41:51-04:00

Adrianna: Dedicated and Compassionate

High Road School of Massachusetts staff chose Adrianna as our February staff of the month! Adrianna was nominated for coming back to High Road ready to take on her new role as TA with dedication and compassion. Staff noted Adrianna has demonstrated a willingness to learn and a passion for education and have spoken about her strong ability to build positive relationships with students while consistently delivering the behavioral model. I think I can confidently speak for everyone when I say we're glad to have you back, Adrianna! Learn more about High Road School [...]

Adrianna: Dedicated and Compassionate2021-04-15T21:05:30-04:00

Mr. Wilkie Creates an Engaging Environment

Mr. Wilkie creates a fun educational environment for our students with his sense of humor and energy. When visiting our school, you can find Mr. Wilkie skipping up the stairs, laughing with students, and helping out everywhere he can. Recently, Mr. Wilkie went above and beyond for our students when he became both TA and teacher for his students while the classroom teacher was on leave. He worked hard to engage his students in hands-on activities and provide a space that was both safe and educationally stimulating. Thank you, Mr. Wilkie! Learn more about [...]

Mr. Wilkie Creates an Engaging Environment2021-02-19T18:54:06-05:00

Miquell Connects with Students

Miquell joined Sierra Academy as a 1:1 in 2018. Miquell has a very calm demeanor and was able to connect with all students. He demonstrated the ability to be able to de-escalate students who were in crisis. He works well with his peers and has definite emerging leadership skills. He routinely takes on projects and takes the initiative to assist staff members with anything that they need. His “can do” attitude is infectious! Learn more about our school today.

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Mr. Maxi: Intrinsically Kind

High Road School of Massachusetts staff chose Mr. Maxi as our December staff of the month! Mr. Maxi always has a kind word for others and is attentive to the needs of all students and staff. Several staff commented that Mr. Maxi is always present and on time for work with a smile on his face, ready for each day. Recently, Mr. Maxi has helped our school by covering classes, encouraging virtual students to engage, and making sure Ms. Dowd always has her tea! We couldn’t be prouder to have Mr. Maxi on our team. Thank you, [...]

Mr. Maxi: Intrinsically Kind2021-01-06T15:40:09-05:00

Real Impact with Mrs. Burgos

What impact has Mrs. Burgos had on colleagues and students over the past month? Mrs. Burgos comes to work each day happy and willing to take on any task. She worked quickly to get to know our schoolwide model, her colleagues and most importantly the students in her classroom, asking important questions and taking initiative. Her calm and caring demeanor has comforted students and helped them adjust to a challenging new school year. Even with the youngest students, Mrs. Burgos has shown the utmost patience and compassion. She has been instrumental in each student's academic and behavioral growth. In just [...]

Real Impact with Mrs. Burgos2020-12-18T16:52:32-05:00

Ms. Dirzius’s Support During This Unsteady Time

Ms. Dirzius has been a constant emotional and educational support over the past month to both staff and students. She entered the remote learning environment with energy, enthusiasm and an immediate focus on problem solving. She has actively been involved in all levels of this new educational process: gathering materials, participating in synchronous learning events, assisting with technology issues, creating new documentation systems and mailing asynchronous packets. Our whole team has benefited from her expertise and support. She responds to their needs and questions without hesitation and never has a limit on her ideas and solutions. She tackles any [...]

Ms. Dirzius’s Support During This Unsteady Time2022-01-18T00:27:45-05:00

Tina Shows Passion and Innovation

Although Tina has only been with Sierra for a short time, she has seamlessly stepped into her role as a teacher. She is always smiling and shows joy in her teaching. Over the last month, she has transitioned her class to the new norm of virtual school. She is creative, engaging and always finding ways to give her students the same passion, care and opportunities to learn, that she did when the school was physically open. Tina has taken the challenges of distance learning and embraced the opportunity to connect with her students, in a different way. She has [...]

Tina Shows Passion and Innovation2022-01-18T00:28:01-05:00

March Staff of the Month – Ms. Charmaine

What impact has this staff had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Charmaine stepped right into her role as a TA, acting as a leader by assisting staff with learning our computer systems, coordinating more efficient transportation routes, and filling in as an ongoing sub when desperately needed. Ms. Charmaine is highly regarded and respected by students, and often sought out as a preferred staff member for check-ins and walks. Why did other staff members select this person as Staff of the Month? Staff state a feeling of confidence when Charmaine is around because of her [...]

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Ms. Denise Is A Natural Leader

Denise has encouraged and supported staff. Denise is a go-to when navigating complicated student scenarios. Denise models healthy boundaries for staff and students. Denise is the first to volunteer when help is needed. Staff always look for Ms. Denise for guidance and support. She always is there with a smile on her face no matter the situation. We depend on her and she never lets us down. She's a natural leader among staff. She is an authentic motivator with the students. Denise is highly regarded by staff and students alike. Denise is highly valued on our team. Learn [...]

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