Helping Delaney Reach Her Potential

Prior to attending Springall Academy, Delaney avoided social interactions. During her school day, she often had difficulty finishing assignments in a timely manner. Delaney also slept for the majority of the school day to avoid doing work. There was a lack of motivation in her personal and academic success, which hindered her academic potential. After meeting with Delaney, a social plan was developed to help foster positive peer interactions while advocating for herself in both counseling and social interactions. The plan to help with academics was dependent on organizational study skills and concrete deadlines. Teachers [...]

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Student Shoutouts

We would like to congratulate 22 of our Springall students who have not missed a day of school since the beginning of the school year, which is 15 days in a row. Springall celebrates our students monthly for perfect attendance, however at this time we would like to recognize these students who are starting out their year strong. We celebrated all 22 of them in the garden with a special popsicle treat on this warm, sunny day in San Diego. Pictured: Muziq, Ben, Anna, Delaney, Ben, Connor, Travis, Bob, Juan, Jackson, Evan, Ianna, Destiny, Donyell Not pictured: [...]

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