Wendy’s Growth!

Wendy has blossomed in the past two months of the school year into one of our most consistently responsible high school students. Always a kind and respectful student toward staff members, Wendy has developed positive relationships with her peers and become a mentor/role model for our elementary students during this time. She has also taken on an active role in her academic program and earned many credits toward graduation in the first semester. Congratulations to our Student of the Month, keep up the great work! Wendy has told us that she is proud of her positive relationships with her peers [...]

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Katie’s Tremendous Progress

Katie is a 6th-grade student who has been enrolled at Sierra School since January 2018. Already a strong academic student when she arrived, Katie has made tremendous progress with her behavior and social skills during the past year in our program. Katie is a warm and friendly role model to the elementary students on our campus, and can regularly be seen offering support to them during their times of need. She has developed positive relationships with her same-aged peers and frequently shares humorous stories and insights with the staff members on campus. Katie has transitioned into the [...]

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Andres’s Hunger For Learning

Andres has been a wonderful addition to the program as he brings a unique blend of compassion, humor, and hunger for learning to the classroom. He loves to make friends and has developed positive, supporting relationships with the adults on campus. We are proud of Andres's progress and look forward to his imminent return to a less restrictive environment. Andres has made fantastic progress with his behavior and academic goals since his enrollment at Sierra earlier this school year. Learn more about Sierra School today!

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Student of the Month: Andres

Andres is a new student to Sierra School who has displayed a great amount of progress over the past couple of weeks. Andres enjoys making new friends and participating in classroom activities. He enjoys I-ready and teacher tutorial where he has been learning how to identify his sounds and letters through a memory game. During his free time, Andres enjoys playing with his friends, watching movies and making others laugh.

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Student of the Month: Marcus

Meet our Student of the Month - Marcus! Marcus is a 10th grade student who started a part-time transition to his school of residence at the beginning of the current school year. Marcus attends Sierra School for the first four periods of the day before moving on to Elsie Allen High School for Biology and World History.  This development is a significant accomplishment that Sierra School staff are proud to support. On a personal level, Marcus is known for being a kind and respectful friend who is generous with his time and personal belongings. These traits allow [...]

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