Gage’s Hard Work

Gage has maintained a level of Blue for this month! This is the first time he has been on our Blue Level. Gage has worked very hard to get to his level. He is now able to let the teacher know when he is feeling dis-regulated and will ask for a break. Before Gage came to Sierra School, his school day was 45 minutes long at most. Today Gage is successful in staying a whole day and has worked his way up to our Blue Level. He is going on a field trip for the first time ever! Learn [...]

Gage’s Hard Work2022-01-18T00:34:19-05:00

Lyle’s New Found Skills

Lyle has shown that he is able to handle any situation. He now uses his tools to communicate his needs and to ignore loud peers. Lyle is also now able to access more academics due to his ability to control his behavior. Lyle is such as pleasure! He is able to communicate his needs and has shown less maladaptive behaviors in the past month. He also participates in group activities now and is able to share with others. Lyle can be proud of his new found social skills! Learn more about Sierra School today! [...]

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Student of the Month: Zander

Zander has been chosen to be student of the month! Xander has shown great improvement in his behavior and in the way that he treats others. He has overcome a lot of things not only in his school, but in his personal life as well and that is why we are proud to select him as a student of the month for Sierra School Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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