Ms. Jackson Steps Up

During the month of October Ms. Jackson stepped up in leading the classroom while the classroom teacher was on leave. She did a great job of taking over the planning of activities, leading the classroom and keeping their routine going strong. Ms. Jackson is known around campus as always being calm, cool and collected. She is reliable and always willing to help out with extra jobs on campus such as snack cart. We are so lucky to have Ms. Jackson as part of the Sierra Team. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra [...]

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Student of the Month: Aaron

Aaron has been making huge strides both academically and socially. Aaron used to wear his hoodie every day and struggled with social interactions and participating in the classroom. Now Aaron almost never wears his hoodie in the classroom, participates in group classroom activities and readily greets everyone he meets on campus.Aaron is a great role model to other students, he is kind and helpful in the classroom. Aaron has done so well that he is actually transitioning back to a comprehensive campus at the end of the semester.Aaron is most proud this month of being able to transition [...]

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Student of the Month: Yomali

Yomali has been with Sierra for a few months and has been a great role model to his fellow classmates. Yomali is a hard worker, he always spends extra time on his assignments ensuring his answers are always correct. He is kind and respectful to both his peers and his classmates, he is a positive peer influence and will often advice to others when they are facing difficult times. He is a great helper around the campus and is an active participant in all of our school sports teams. Visit our website to learn [...]

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Spirit Week Recap

Last week was our school’s spirit week. Huge thanks to all the staff and students who participated and made the week such a fun success. We had a few very fun activities throughout spirit week such as our Open House, our first cooking club of the year and we ended the week with school spirit day and a visit from the Shave Ice Truck. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Staff of the Month – St. Mark’s

Ms. C was voted as our August Star of the Month. She joined our team last year and has had nothing but a positive attitude since starting with us. She currently works as a 1:1 for a student in our Transition classroom but is always ready and willing to help out wherever she is needed. Ms. C is known for always smiling, and her kind demeanor. While she is soft spoken, she is a hard worker who is consistent and holds all our students to high standards. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra [...]

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Staff of the Month – Marconi

Mr. Glines and Ms. Degrate were voted as co-stars of the month at Sierra Marconi for the month of August. Mr. Glines is the teacher in Room 1 and Ms. Degrate is one of the Teaching assistants in Classroom 1. Both of these staff have dealt with some of our school’s most challenging students and have done so with a smile on their face. They make a great team in the classroom. Ms. Degrate is always a go-to​ in behavior management, she is consistent, firm and fair. Mr. Glines has taught and assisted in multiple classrooms before landing in [...]

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