Socialize with Leah

Lowers Student of the Month is Leah. Leah has shown tremendous growth in her socialization skills and willingness to follow the rotation model. She loves socializing with her staff and friends inside and outside of her classroom. Her walk is fierce and her smile is contagious. We cant wait to see her continue to grow st Sierra. Learn more about our school today.

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Johnny’s Determination

Johnny has focused on focusing in the classroom on improving his reading and math skills. Johnny has been determined to continue to increase his knowledge so that he can be as prepared as possible to transition to high school. Mr. Verdin has been working with Johnny through multiple classrooms and has noticed an incredible increase in his desire to be a successful academic. Johnny states that he is proud that he has been able to control his anger this year and not get into fights. Learn more about our school today.

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Ahmari Puts A Smile On Our Face

Ahmari is always willing to help and is kind to those around him. Ahmari is one of the students that always greets staff in the morning and ends up putting a smile on their faces. His teaching assistant, Ms. Dove, speaks highly of Ahmari's newfound determination and dedication to focusing on being the best student and peer he can be. Ahmari has worked hard this month to improve not only his focus in the classroom behaviorally, but has also been determined to work diligently on his academics. Learn more about our school today.

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Staff and Student of the Month

What has Xavian accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Xavian has been working incredibly hard to be successful this year and his hard work has paid off! Xavian is now on the highest behavior level possible and has been able to participate in multiple level-based activities such as off campus learning and campus jobs. Mr. Bybee stated that Xavian is a stellar student who works hard on his education and is focused on maintaining his high behavioral level. Xavian puts effort into everything he does, and it truly shows in his actions. [...]

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