Kezirah’s Student Dedication

During the 2022-2023 school year, Kezirah has blossomed into a successful member of the AWA student body. She has diligently and humbly earned superior grades, treated both staff and fellow students with respect and compassion and demonstrated leadership skills during the 2022-2023 school year. Kezirah is always the first to stand up and offer her assistance whether it is for staff or other students. We are so proud of the progress she has made and cannot wait to see what she will achieve in the future. -Ms. Shafer “She is one of the brightest students I have had the [...]

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Wayne Academy – Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year is an honorable award for someone who exceeds creativity, dedication, hard work, leadership, and professionalism. This year, Ms. Jalissa Exil has been nominated as our Regional Teacher of the Year. Ms. Exil has met all these standards and more. She has been a positive influence on both staff and students and continues to outshine with her leadership skills. Leading by example, always present and willing to support those around her. She is the perfect example of an inspirational instructor, who demonstrates all you can achieve by working in education and changing the lives around her. [...]

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May Day in the Park for Philadelphia Students

Staff and students from several Specialized Education Services, Inc.(SESI) schools in Philadelphia didn’t let the date deter them from celebrating May Day on June 3. The annual event, held in the Lemon Hill Picnic Area of Fairmount Park, brought together students from the Achieve Academies of Philadelphia, Excel Academy North, Excel Middle Years Academy, and Stetson Academy. May Day started in 2013 as a one-school event and grew into the multi-school celebration it is today. Held a little later this year due to park availability, the event served as a large-scale end of the year celebration. May Day provides students [...]

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Congratulations Jayden!

High Road School of York senior, Jayden, walked the stage at his home district Central York School District. The Norseman family is very proud of his accomplishment. He is an inspiration to the rest of the student body at High Road School of York. Learn more about our school today.

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The Corner Cafe

High Road School of Southern York is proud to announce the grand opening of The Corner Cafe! Transition students in grades 9-12 have the opportunity to participate in the employment process from application to paycheck! Students learn job readiness skills in the classroom then apply them in this simulated real-world setting. Employees of the Cafe receive a "paycheck" and learn about money management, budgeting and real-life expenses! This steppingstone allows students to experience the workforce in a safe and supportive environment as they prepare for outside employment. Learn more about our school today.

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Ms. E Keeps Students Engaged

Ms. E has put much effort into ensuring that student's are staying actively engaged in school. Just recently, Ms. E organized and delivered an embryology unit for students in which she set up cameras and allowed students to witness the hatching of baby chicks. The student's loved it. Ms. E has gone above and beyond the duties of a Team Leader during the mandated school closures. She has willingly dropped off work to student's homes, set up pick-ups and drop-offs for packet work, and helped t0 organize distribution of student laptops. Ms. E truly has the student's [...]

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Mr. Shroyer Is Our Team Leader

Mr. Shroyer has done an excellent job in his new role as Team Leader and we are proud to name him Staff of the Month! He is constantly working diligently to educate himself in his areas of improvement while continuing to thrive in behavioral intervention with our students. Staff and students rely heavily on him throughout the day. Mr. Shroyer is always there to support anyone in our building even if it's not on his wing. Staff always feel supported by him and say he is doing a great job as a Team Leader. He has been working very [...]

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Aniyah’s Student Government Role

During the past month Aniyah has earned a seat in Capital Academy's student government. Aniyah achieved this through consistent positive behaviors and a willingness to help those around her. Mrs. Colatta, Support Services Coordinator, says," Aniyah has come a very long way since her enrollment here at Capital. She is a positive role model both in the classroom and out, often going about and beyond to help her classmates. Aniyah has demonstrated tremendous growth and continues to surprise staff daily." When asked what she is most proud of this year Aniyah responded, "I am proud of how I"ve [...]

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Lisa’s Positivity

Lisa Myers positively impacts everyone around her. She supports Capital Academy's students, families and staff. This month she took on the additional responsibility of preparing our Thanksgiving meal for 100 people! Since joining the Capital Academy team last school year, Lisa has raised the bar on student care! Her positive attitude and geniuses engages everyone around her. She brings a depth of knowledge in counseling and a welcoming approach that students are drawn to! "I chose Ms Myers for employee of the month because she does a wonderful job making connections with the students!! She listens to [...]

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