Wyatt’s Goal For Himself

Wyatt had made it to gold this past month. He is always willing to help staff and students whenever it is needed. Wyatt is always on task when he is given work to do. "Wyatt has worked really hard in the classroom to be a positive influence on his peers. He has remained on blue consistently and continues to move up day by day. Wyatt has branched out and has been more social with his peers and has gained a personality. Wyatt is a joy to have in class and we look forward to his continued success and progress!" -Taylor [...]

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Tommy’s Helpfulness

Tommy has reached level gold and has maintained it since he has achieved it. Tommy is very helpful in the classroom and outside the classroom without even needed to be prompted to. Also, Tommy always completes all his work with no complaints and never asks to take a break and stays in the classroom all day. "Tommy is very diligent in doing his schoolwork. Tommy always follows the rules and never receives prompts. Tommy is very helpful with all the kids whenever he sees that they are in need. He likes to offer a helping hand." -Mrs. Heather Watson Tommy [...]

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Ross Is Working Very Hard

Ross has begun verbalizing more than he was in the past. As well as working hard during academic rotations to learn his sight words. Ross often surprises us with things that he knows how to do, that we didn't know that he did. "Ross has achieved so much this year! Ross always helps in the classroom and cleans up without even being asked. Ross has been doing much better with greeting people independently and when they greet him! Ross is always so happy to be at school and to see his teachers." -Miss Tori Mrs. Katie believes that Ross is [...]

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February Staff of the Month – Heather

What impact has this staff had on colleagues and students over the past month? Heather has helped tremendously with IEP's this month and has given a lot of feedback. She works very well with her kids in her classroom and is very patient with them. Our students love her! Why did other staff members select this person as Staff of the Month? Heather W is a team player, very reliable, and is always willing to help out other staff members when they have questions. Heather works very well with all of our kids and is very understanding with them. [...]

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Jessica Is Invaluable

Jessica is always willing to help whenever a staff member needs assistance. She is very flexible and will go wherever she is needed. She is always reminding students what they are working for and encouraging them to improve their behavior by offering breaks and helping them work through their behaviors. She has built a good relationship with all of her students and gained a good rapport with them. Mrs. Harley, the teacher in her classroom said, "Miss Jessica jumped right into our classroom immediately. She learned the level system and how to enter them in very quickly, which is so [...]

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We’re So Proud of Scotty

Scotty has shown so much improvement in his ability to identify and write letters and numbers. He has come back from break ready to get back into school and has not had any setbacks since being on Christmas break, he has just continued to grow and learn. He has also become a good friend to peers in his classroom and much more social with other kids. Now that he is better able to recognize his letters, he is improving in his ability to write them and has a purpose to writing letters. Our staff is very proud of how much [...]

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A Rare Warm Winter Day Leads To Fun In The Sun

A rare warm February day, with temperatures near 70 degrees led to a fun break outside. Pictured are students from Middle School 2 playing outside on the swings. Students enjoyed getting fresh air, swinging, playing football, and with hula hoops. It was an amazing break from being stuck inside with the winter blues! Learn more about our school today.

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High School Students Explore Creativity Through Art Gallery

High School 1 students and their teacher Mrs. Beidelschies created an Art Gallery outside their classroom. It's a place full of creative ideas and unique creations by the students. Pictured with their Art is Emily and Preston, both students in High School 1. Learn more about our school today.

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Helping Friends

The students in the high school class have become good friends over this school year. It is heart warming to see students helping each other on assignments and generally enjoying working in class. Learn more about our school today.

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We Are All Proud Of Octavius

Octavius has made great progress this year in regards to his ability to play functionally. When shown how to play correctly with a toy, he will immediately begin to play appropriately with that item. He is able to put together age appropriate puzzles and is beginning to attempt more difficult puzzles. He is communicating well by using pictures provided in the classroom and follows a visual schedule consistently well. His eye contact has been improving and much more so in the past month. Octavius has made a lot of progress this year as his second year in [...]

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