High Road Mid-Atlantic Schools Give Back

Staff and students from High Road Schools in the Mid-Atlantic region recently came together to participate in a community winter clothing and food drive event, hosted by the “Responsive Schools Initiative.” The Initiative focuses on social justice, responding to community concerns, and the promise to always address the needs of both students and staff. In collaboration with The Heartlight Foundation, which aims to make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged, underserved, and disregarded, students from each participating school teamed up to stuff 30 bookbags with winter apparel and non-perishable snacks to benefit those experiencing homelessness and families in [...]

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Students at High Road School Baltimore County Showcase Talent

More than a dozen students at High Road School of Baltimore County entertained their classmates, staff and family members with song and dance at the school's recent talent show.    The event encouraged students to showcase something they were passionate about. Several students created dance routines, while others showed off moves from TikTok. Other performances included students singing pop, R&B, rap and country music songs. Additionally, one student shared their artwork.   “The talent show served as an opportunity to reinforce important life skills like teamwork, communication and decision-making” said Anthony Aiello, program director. “Seeing staff members and students sing along, clap [...]

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Ms. Booze’s Achievements

Ms. Booze has made herself available for all staff and students. She has assisted and organized the basketball team, heads the transportation department, and is an overall positive school culture representative. She is also helpful and friendly with colleagues and provides assistance to students in crisis. Ms. Booze is also developing her leadership skills by sitting in on intake meetings and interview panel providing a good description to potential candidates for the assistant teacher position. Ms. Booze is a high achiever and demonstrates dedication to her job. She is very helpful around the school and very dependable when getting the [...]

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Daquan Is Making Strides

This month at KAP we want to give a special shout out to a long-term student DaQuan W. He has shown an amazing transformation this school year. DaQuan has recently brought up his grades and moved up two levels on the behavior management system in six days. Daquan has been going above and beyond and even earning bonus points for being helpful and avoiding crisis! We are so proud of all of our students at KAP and DaQuan has become a great role model for other students. The main reason that we have chosen him to highlight right now is [...]

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Student Highlight – Makala A

Makala Allen is a 10th grade student at High Road Upper School and is currently enrolled in the Prince George’s Community College’s Workforce Development Program’s 15 hour Childcare Teacher’s Aide certification program. “I want to take childcare class because I like children and I enjoy watching children. I also want to learn to have patience. Children are very hard to deal with but I want to learn to manage with them. Working with children is a privileged. I like watching children grow up and be something in life. I want to be able to work at a good [...]

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Student Success – Emanuel C.

Emanuel will be graduating in June 2020 from High Road Upper School. Emmanuel is interested in working with children when he graduates and is well on his way to following his dream after completing the childcare phase of the childcare Teacher’s aide certification program at Prince George’s Community College’s workforce development program. Next up for Emmanuel? The communication phase of the course and then an internship opportunity at a local center. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Student Success – Jenyous B.

Jenyous Blair is a responsible, respectful, organized, and charismatic student. Jenyous has worked hard in the classroom. He encourages students to complete their assignments as well as being a helping hand. Jenyous has a school job where he must clean and restock the beverage station. Keep up the good work! Visit our website to learn more about High Road Academy

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Where Are They Now? Shayn Brown

Last year on June 15, 2019, Shayn Brown graduated from High Road Academy at PG Community College. While enrolled at High Road Academy, Shayn exemplified being a role model, showing manners, and being a great student. Shayn stated on graduation that he wanted to become a licensed cosmetologist. Next spring, Shayn will be attending Montgomery College to receive his license. Currently, he is trying to volunteer by feeding the homeless. Also, he is attending driver education school to receive his driving license. Shayn stated that he is doing well and cannot wait to go to Montgomery College to [...]

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Brittany’s Positivity

Brittany is an enthusiastic and extremely positive member of the B.E.S.T. classroom. She helps keep everyone on schedule and is always able to see the best in people. Both staff and students enjoy working with her. She shows a great dedication to the High Road School of Cecil County program. She is a very hard working individual. Brittany is a very invested and friendly staff member. "Brittany immediately immersed herself in the culture of our school program. She is always positive, professional, and accountable. We are lucky to work with her!" — Gary Hunt, Program Director [...]

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