A Veteran in the Classroom

Between our 90 standalone day schools and 90-plus In-District Classroom partnerships across 17 states, SESI serves nearly 8,000 special education students every year—many of whom have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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How I foster an inclusive classroom as a new teacher

Justin White, Special Education Teacher, High Road School of Delaware August 10, 2023 A military veteran who was drawn to teaching shares his experiences as a Black male educator and role model for children Key points: Being a successful teacher is about more than academics–you must understand students’ unique struggles Students thrive when they see educators who look like them, especially when that educator radiates positivity, perseverance, and respect See related article: ISTELive, Abbott Elementary, and a push for Black educator representation As a teacher at High Road School of Delaware, an individualized special education program aimed at strengthening each student’s academic, [...]

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SPOTLIGHT: High Road School of Delaware social worker integral in helping her students achieve academic success

Every day and especially on World Social Work Day (March 21), it's important to highlight the essential role social workers play in promoting the well-being of students and their families. For the past three years Jade Rosenberg, MSS, HSV, a licensed social worker, has worked at the High Road School of Delaware as a full-time, on-site social worker. In this role, she serves some of the most vulnerable students in her community. Rosenberg witnesses the incredible resilience of her students, who face many difficult challenges, including family instability and trauma, which can have a profound impact on their academic performance, [...]

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High Road Mid-Atlantic Schools Give Back

Staff and students from High Road Schools in the Mid-Atlantic region recently came together to participate in a community winter clothing and food drive event, hosted by the “Responsive Schools Initiative.” The Initiative focuses on social justice, responding to community concerns, and the promise to always address the needs of both students and staff. In collaboration with The Heartlight Foundation, which aims to make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged, underserved, and disregarded, students from each participating school teamed up to stuff 30 bookbags with winter apparel and non-perishable snacks to benefit those experiencing homelessness and families in [...]

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Halloween Event

Here are pictures from our annual Halloween Event here at High Road School of Delaware. The week before Halloween we have a spooky spirit week to get the student's ready for a fun Halloween event the party planning committee puts together. The students have fun activities that day like pumpkin painting, worm eating contest, candy eating station, and much more!

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